Thursday, June 17, 2010

Avoid False Anti-Virus Software Trap(virus trap)

Have you ever see warning sinister in internet?Or you was once false security software victim?Both this question be his link.Even more accurate,this is between indication to handsome underground economic activity.Your task to avoid from enmesh or become his progress contributor.

Planned cheating activity involving security software or false anti-virus has trapped many computer user with various his trick.Therefore,victim computer could suffer virus infection result or happen data theft.Hearsay,counterfeit software also can be associated with software try to frighten victim with certain motive.Among them to trap victim so that act recklessly according to message which became bait.The risk,virus may be downloaded or credit card details victim may be could stolen.

This software trump up so that victims pay for void product or only simulation.Since the past few years this software grow and become serious threat to computer user.Various means has been used to deceive victim install him.His majority being participated Trojan impersonated web browser component, screen decorator,codec multimedia,freeware,scanner malware,and such.In fact,there is downloaded and fitted unawares due to web browser weakness,PDF projector,and email application.

Based on researcher perception, this false product seller also make beneficial optimization technique search engine (SEO) so that address web (URL) infected were in top list in search results on event or latest news.So,members of the public who seek information on that event through search engine will meet URL contaminated.When clicking,they brought to several web site before arriving into website which said victim computer was marred.And they bucked so that downloading false security product certain.

Various means to deceive victim:

After fitted,that software perhaps trying tempt victim so that buy service or add-on software offered.Among them victim interrupted with detection result or false simulation related malware.Or display paralysed system simulation and undergo process “boot” again.Possibly also be systems division stopped to check this false software thrown away (uninstall).Genuine anti-virus software operation also may be prevented,so is the system updates automatic him.Access to vendor web site anti-virus also might be suppressed.

Counterfeit software such as genuine:

False scanner and scareware now become fraud business worth millions of dollars.His evidence,when thousands of consumers trapped by means in this line per month.His target,consumer fear or less technical knowledge.Usually,scareware this cheating through different false alarm and message over computer problem.Unfortunately,this false message warning won trap and cheating many his victim until they bought “rubbish” software.Every buyer cheated become gain for this false security software seller.In accordance with that,do not be fooled by thousand false security software always waiting his victim in internet.